Jennifer Gongora


I am a proud mom on a mission to grow the VK Girl Creations brand alongside my daughter Victoria.  This wonderful journey started off as a hobby for Victoria and turned into a small business adventure. I am honored to collaborate with my daughter to showcase the creativity and passion our team has of making unique creations for all to enjoy.  I love how this business encourages my daughter to believe in her ideas and create goals for herself. This opportunity has also encouraged me to work on learning the skill of graphic design to also contribute to the growth of our VK Girl brand.  
In addition to the business, I enjoy reading and helping to grow the monarch butterfly population.  In 2020, I have raised over 100 monarch butterflies in my home garden as well as created a butterly barn in my backyard. My husband built this safe haven for my butterly friends to safely transform.  The butterfly is significant to both Victoria and myself and I love that our business logo is a representation of something so special to us both. 
I am excited for a new year for growth and for many new creations, as we are working to expand our product line to provide our customers with many new fabulous, handcrafted creations!
I want to be an inspiration to other parents to encourage their children to find their passion and continue to have more small business owners especially those with special needs.  There is so many gifted children with unique abilities and the VK Girl Creations team wants to be proof that success is attainable!