VK Customer

In 2015, Victoria was introduced to knitting by her life skills teacher Mrs. Megan Turner. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a small business journey. Vics Knitz was the name and it started with a poster board creation and her first vendor booth at Dickinson High School.  Pictured above is the beginning how it all started!

We decided it would be neat to work as a team to build her dream! In our home we set up Victoria's workshop and we would learn together about the tasks involved running a small business.  The continued success and support from the community motivated us to keep growing.  Vics Knitz added beaded bracelets to the inventory.  This was a skill that allowed us both to work together and design.  As Victoria worked on her skills I worked on finding more opportunities for Vics Knitz in the community.   We were making a name for the business to show that with determination and practice Victoria's creativity would be an inspiration to others. 


Vics Knitz allowed us to learn about how much work it takes to run a business. This experience allowed me to teach my daughter and  her confidence and her goals continued to grow. Vics Knitz had a big opportunity in 2019 as a vendor at the CASA of Galveston County Texas conference. This was the biggest vendor market we participated in. It was a great experience for us both to learn how to prepare for a show of this magnitude and Victoria got to work on her networking skills.  As a mother, it was wonderful to watch my daughter be so confident and work so hard. When she would speak about her craft and her business the joy shined on her face. 

During this time Victoria also had the opportunity to work a short internship at 2 local boutiques before she graduated from college.  The program she was enrolled in provided her with hands on work experience in the retail industry. This encouraged Victoria to keep doing what she could to expand her own small business.

Congrats VK Team

May 2020 the VK team graduated together from college! We had online ceremonies which we celebrated in our living room and a car parade where family and friends helped us celebrate!

In 2020, we decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a goal we both had. In order to continue to grow the business we decided a change was needed.  This was the beginning of VK Girl Creations! We both wanted to create a brand that would showcase our creativity and our collaborated team as daughter and mother.  We wanted to keep the foundation of our company Vics Knitz, that is where the VK comes from. The colors in our new logo represent us both. Red represents Victoria as a heart disease survivor and purple is her favorite color.  The butterfly and the two Purple Hearts on our logo represent us both. 

Today, the business is operated by our team and we collaborate with the design and creative process. All products on our website are handcrafted by our team in our home workshop. The website and marketing on social media is done by me, Mom. Victoria is learning more about business and marketing alongside myself, it truly is a team effort! 

We strive to bring our customers quality products and much time and love goes into each unique creation!

Thank you for visiting our website and joining our creative business journey!

Much Love,

Victoria & Jennifer