When you believe in yourself you can do anything you put your mind to do. VK Girl Creations is a mother and daughter small business that showcases our artistic creativity with our handcrafted creations.  In 2015, this journey started as a hobby and began with knitting beanie hats by lead designer Victoria. Vics Knitz was our first logo and was a hit throughout Victoria's high school years. The continued success of her knitted designs and support from the community motivated our team to continue to grow. 

During the pandemic in 2020, our team decided to launch a website and in doing so we created VK Girl Creations, a small business to showcase a variety of fun fashion items all handcrafted by our team.  We offer knitted beanies, bracelets, earrings and brand new to our online store is fashion garments we have transformed with our designs.  Our products are colorful and unique and we strive to create quality inventory

Victoria is a multidisciplinary artist who diligently works on strengthening her designs by practicing techniques and experimenting with colorful ideas. She is inspired by designers such as Betsey Johnson and Coco Chanel and wants to make her own impression on her customers with her colorful brand. She is a heart disease survivor and we honor this within our own logo with the color red, her favorite color purple and you will see a heart and butterfly on our logo.   Victoria is also on a mission to encourage and inspire those with unique learning abilities. She enjoys sharing her story of transition from student to successful entrepreneur.

Our business is mostly run by me, Jennifer, Victoria's mom and business partner. She inspires me to work hard and also work on my own creativity! It is a dream that has come true for Victoria and I am happy to work alongside her! VK Girl Creations is an opportunity for our team to show what believing and achieving can reward you with and we thank you for visiting our website and joining our creative business journey!


                                                                                  Much Love,


                                                                                         Victoria & Jennifer  

Victoria DeLaGarza

I love to see people wear my creations, their smile makes me happy! That's my favorite part about being a designer!


I want to inspire others to follow their dreams! Our business is based on believing in ourselves and having fun!