Bracelet Creations

All bracelet creations are made with elastic, stretch string. When shopping our store you will see bracelet sizes listed with each product. Here are details to help you determine which size best suits you.


 These bracelets fit petite wrists they measure at 6 1/2 inches.


 These bracelets are average and fit most adults these bracelets measure 7 inches. 


 These bracelets fit a wider size wrist and measure at 7 1/2 inches to 8 inches. 

*Handle bracelets with care and keep out of reach of children!  Can be a choking hazard if not handled properly!

*All handmade items both bracelets and beanie creations are all sales final.  Please make sure you select the correct size.  If you need any assistance with sizing, please use the chat, we will do our best to guide you to select the size best suitable for you.

Beanie Creations

Our beanie creations are handmade  we offer different sizes. If you have questions about sizing or need a specific size please use the Custom Size Request Form below. 


 These beanies fit most adults measuring 8 to 10 inches from top of head to just below the ear. 


 These beanies are longer and are great if you liked the slouch look.  These are more of a loose fit.  They measure 11- 12 inches long from the top of the head to about the neck.


Youth sizes are available upon request. 

Custom Size Request Form

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